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2015-10-07 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Assessment of State-Owned and Partially State-Owned Mining Companies
Open Society Forum 2014 year PDF 5.00M
2015-07-08 Citizens concerned that there is a lack of transparency in political financing - Info Graph
Open Society Forum 2015 year PDF 0.30M
2015-07-08 Citizens concerned that the current political financing system needs major reform
Open Society Forum 2015 year PDF 0.01M
2014-02-04 National Report on Violence and Health Mongolia
World Health Organization 2007 year PDF 2.14M
2013-09-17 Mongolia: Livestock and Wildlife in the Southern Gobi Region, with Special Attention to Wild Ass
2010 year PDF 4.00M
2013-09-17 Rural Education and Development (READ) Project
2010 year PDF 1.76M
2013-06-21 Energy Governance Initiative Assessment Mongolia
Open Society Forum 2013 year PDF 1.76M
2013-06-03 Selected Macroeconomic Indicators June 2013
IMF 2013 year PDF 0.48M
2013-04-12 The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013: Reducing Barriers to Economic Growth and Job Creation
World Economic Forum 2013 year PDF 8.12M
2013-04-12 The Global Information Technology Report 2013: Growth and Jobs in a Hyperconnected World
World Economic Forum 2013 year PDF 5.65M
2013-04-02 Civic Engagement in Procurement: A Review of Eight International Case Studies
World Bank 2012 year PDF 0.99M
2013-03-28 Millennium Development Goals and Poverty Map 2011
UNDP 2012 year PDF 2.72M
2013-03-21 The development of the Oyu Tolgoi copper mine: an assessment of the macroeconomic consequences for Mongolia
National University of Mongolia 2012 year PDF 1.90M
2013-03-21 The Potencial Social Impacts of Mining Development in Southern Mongolia
World Bank 2013 year PDF 3.01M
2013-03-21 Spirited away – Mongolia’s mining boom and the people that development left behind
Sukhgerel Dugersuren, OT Watch 2011 year PDF 0.48M
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International center for not-for-profit law    
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International Labour Conference    
International Labour Office    
International Monetary Fund    
International Republican Institute Mongolia    
James Anderson, Georges Korsun, Peter Murrell    
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James H. Anderson, Georges Korsun, and Peter Murrell    
Japan Bank for International Cooperation    
Jeffrey D.Sachs    
Jehan Arulpagasam    
JEMR Consulting Company    
Jennifer M.Coston, Jennifer L.Butz    
Johannes Prem, Republic of Austria, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management    
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Ministry of Health of Mongolia    
Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, UNDP, PTRC    
Ministry of Nature and Environment    
Mongol Bank    
Mongolia Development Gateway    
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Mongolian Foundation for Open Society (Soros Foundation)    
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Securities Markets in Eurasia, OECD    
Strategic Support for Economic & Social Growth    
Sukhgerel Dugersuren, OT Watch    
Sumati L. , Sergelen Ts.    
Sunil Motiwal    
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC    
Tamir Ch.    
TASIC program    
Teresa Daban, Jean-Luc Helis    
Teresa Davan, Jean-Luc Helis    
The Council of Europe    
The European Institute for the Media and European Union    
The International Budget Project    
The Reality of Aid Management Committee    
The World Bank    
Tim Hanstad, Jennifer Duncan    
Toby Mendel    
Transparency Fund    
Transparency International    
Transportation and Economic Research Association, Inc. (TERA)    
Ts.Adyasuren, Masanori Kobyashi    
UN Trust Fund    
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United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women    
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Б.Наранцэцэг, InfoCon    
НҮБ-ын Хөгжлийн хөтөлбөр    
Стандарчлал, хэмжилгүйн үндэсний төв    
2010-01-27 The livestock sector related information – study reports, research papers, assessments and project documents
2010-01-15 The Ulaanbator air pollution and urban planning related information

Welcome to the Development information and resource center (DIRC). This is an on-line archive of policy research reports, assessments, policy recommendations & briefings and public policy documents. This center contains documents about Mongolia’s socio-economic development issues. These documents are carried out by donor organisations, the academic community and NGOs.

The center also offers e-library services to The World Bank, JSTOR, Oxford Reference Books and Cambridge On-line Journals.

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